Dexibell Vivo

Dexibell’s Vivo series offers premium digital sound coupled with advanced technology in an affordable instrument. It’s striking Italian-designed cabinetry lends contemporary flare to any residence, concert hall, or studio setting. Among many features that distinguish the Vivo in its field are its high definition audio paired with improved frequency response and a more dynamic sound range. These tonalities are achieved through its Quad Core Processor, similar to those found in desktop and laptop computers. Perhaps the Vivo line’s most attractive feature is the more realistic tone it produces, akin to an acoustic piano. Also, unlike similar instruments, its waveforms are sustained far longer, resulting in vibrant harmonics especially for held notes. Begin and end your search for Dexibell pianos in Pittsburgh at Fort Pitt Piano Company. Learn more.


Dexibell VIVO H7

Innovation in sound and design, now in a stunning red color.

Dexibell VIVO H3

Classic Italian design, with groundbreaking sound technology.

Musicians, composers, performers, even students require an instrument that allows their imaginations to take flight without limitation. The Dexibell Vivo series’ range belies its price and produces sounds that are, simply put, astonishing. Fort Pitt Piano Company is a family business whose product lines have been enriching the musical lives of Pittsburgh residents for generations. Visit our showroom and let us assist you to find exactly the right Dexibell instrument to fulfill your musical requirements within your budget.

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