Special Video Updates

Spirio R: Recording and Editing Digitally

Michael Cabe, Steinway & Sons' Senior Manager, Sales Training & Marketing Initiatives, comes to Fort Pitt Piano Company to talk about the new Spirio R! In this video, Michael demonstrates the recording and editing capabilities of this amazing instrument. The legendary Steinway & Sons piano can now be integrated into a modern digital recording environment. Fully editable performances are now possible, and it's astounding. Call us at 412-369-7100, or simply stop in!

New This Week at Fort Pitt Piano Company! 6-10-2019

Fort Pitt Piano Company owner Joe Ravita Jr. highlights some of the new and pre-owned inventory in store this week. A stunning Steinway Limited Edition, high-quality pre-owned instruments, and a just-announced financing promotion from Roland Digital are all happening now!

Tech Talk: Fort Pitt Piano Company's Buddy Reiger scratches the surface of the remarkable LX Series from Roland. In this episode, we see Buddy trying a small sample of the incredibly realistic variety of piano sounds that can be achieved using these instruments. You must come in and see the Roland Digital Pianos at Fort Pitt Piano Company. They require none of the hassles (tuning, humidity control, etc.) of a traditional piano, and make them perfect for homes, schools, houses of worship, and countless other uses!

Tech Talk: Fully customize your piano sound with Pure Acoustic Piano Modeling!

Tech Talk: Digital Pianos vs Acoustic Pianos

The new Steinway Model O Sterling has arrived!

New Pianos

Steinway “Teague”

The stunning Steinway Teague Sketch 1111 is at Fort Pitt Piano Company. This very limited edition is a mid-century classic in design, with the state of the art Spirio technology. Company manager Joseph Ravita takes you through the details.

Steinway’s Limited “Mid-Century Masterpiece” Teague Piano is here. We have it in the incredible Walnut finish. Here’s the arrival, and our performance review will be posted soon!

Spirio by Steinway

Here's our video demonstrating the Spirio by Steinway. See how a Steinway Artist's performance can be played through your own Steinway via the Spirio app! It's pretty incredible. Come in and see this, or call us at 412-369-7100

The Roland LX708 is here, and it is incredible. Here is a preview, but you must come into the store to hear it in person.

The Roland GP609 has arrived! Check back soon for a full video demonstration. Until then, come in to the store and check it out!

Steinway: Concert D Grand Piano

Steinway B: Classic Grand

Steinway A: Salon Grand

Steinway O: Living Room Grand

Steinway M: Studio Grand

Boston GP-215 Performance Edition II

Boston GP-193 Performance Edition II

Boston GP-178 Performance Edition II

Boston GP-156 Performance Edition II

Essex EGP-173: Classic Grand

Essex EGP-155

Essex Piano Company

Roland GP607

Pre-Owned Pianos

Pre-owned 1926 Steinway Model L (Call for price and additional information.)

Pre-owned Shigeru Kawai SK-2 (Call for price and additional information.)

Pre-Owned 2007 Boston GP-178 Grand Piano (Call for price and additional information.)

Pre-Owned Steinway B Grand Piano  (Call for price and additional information.)

Pre-Owned Steinway M Grand Piano  (Call for price and additional information.)

Special Events and Content

Steinway Junior Piano Competition Winners • Pittsburgh 2018

Teacher Showcase: Marina Schmidt Lupinacci


More to come. Call us for information on all of our pre-owned instruments. 412.369.7100