Pre-Owned Pianos

There are many circumstances when buying a quality pre-owned piano is advantageous. Perhaps a child in the family is taking music lessons, or another family member is studying voice. Maybe there is interest in music as a career, but budget constraints are an issue. Before investing in a new instrument which could be abandoned should interest wane, consider the purchase of a pre-owned piano from the Fort Pitt Piano Company instead.

If an online search for ‘used pianos pittsburgh’ led you to our online showroom, we thank you. For over 40 years our family has provided musical enrichment to individuals, families, Educational facilities, concert halls, and musicians. As such, we want your personal journey to obtain the finest pre-owned piano as pleasurable an experience as possible. Know that we hand select only the finest pre-loved instruments whose maintenance and restoration has been carried out by select artisans in our region.

Highest Quality Pre-Owned Pianos

The Fort Pitt Piano Company family realizes that there is a piano for every budget and every skill level. We invite you to view our pre-owned piano inventory featuring select instruments and to contact us for additional information. You will also find that we offer superb financing options through our partners and will gladly answer all your questions upon request. It is our family’s goal to assist you in every way possible to realize your dream to own a high-quality piano.

When your desire is to make music a featured part of your daily life, come to the Fort Pitt Piano Company. Our family will do our utmost to provide an unforgettable experience leading to the purchase of your family heirloom. We carry the finest brands in our industry and are also proud to be recognized as a Steinway and Sons Premier Dealer, delivering the Gold Standard in Service, Selection, Honesty, and Knowledge. Visit us today!

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